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The Foot and Ankle Program

Foot and Ankle Pain can turn your running goals upside down, especially if they haven't gotten treatment. When the foot and ankle has limitations and pain, gait and other functional activities can become very difficult.


The Foot and Ankle Program is designed by a physical therapist, teaching you how to optimize movement and function in the foot and ankle. This 10 week progressive program walks you through step by step videos how to get your balance, stability, and mobility back for higher level activities without compensating.

10 week plan with progressions

focusing on balance and stability for optimal movement

ideal for all fitness levels

regain motor control for better base of support

detailed video for each exercise

Track progression through custom app

Prevent future injury by bulletproofing your foot and ankle

Stability and mobility to improve push off, power, and speed

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A look inside the program..

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Running Outdoors

The Foot and Ankle Program

10 Weeks of Progressive Exercises

Mobility Training for Healthy Joints

Step by Step Exercises with Video Guidance From Lisa

Easy Access Messaging for Questions


Scott W.

I feel better after a couple days than I have for the past couple months. No more going to bed with pain and less swelling.


What equipment is needed?

Light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, resistance loops and sliders

What if I am not ready for the next weeks progression?

You are encouraged to repeat the previous weeks exercises if you are still having pain with the next progression. Staying on top of the exercises each week is key to pain free movement

How long do I have access to the program?

For a full year since purchase date! You can perform the program throughout the  year and won't lose access until it has been 365 days.

Are there any refunds?

Unfortunately no. Once you have seen the program, I cannot refund your money.

Did you make all the videos?

Yes, the program has been researched, tested, re-tested by me and a sample group. I have made all the videos for the exercises and am at access to message on the app at all times!