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An injury prevention program designed just for you

You deserve to run pain free with a plan built for you

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Are you frustrated with:

Wasting time and money on exercises, braces, training plans and orthotics that just don't help

Feeling pain each year just as you start to increase your mileage 

Taking time off from running, but the pain is still there

Not being able to achieve your running goals because of set backs 

With Dr. Lisa, you'll get the plan you need for pain free running

Physical Therapy Session

You don't have to feel overwhelmed anymore

Get results faster to avoid reoccurring injuries

Custom workouts around your lifestyle and goals

Understand why the pain keeps coming back

Proven results at an affordable price

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You deserve to run pain free

I know what it feels like to have an injury that sets you back for months. I used to feel overwhelmed before I learned what I know now about strength and mobility and movement patterns for runners. I can walk you through a plan i've used that has helped hundreds of runners just like you run pain free and prevent future injures.

Dr. Lisa has over 3 years of experience treating thousands of runners return to pain free movement. Join runners like you save time and money. 

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A Custom Program Includes:

6 weeks of workouts geared towards your weaknesses and movement patterns

Understand the origin of pain and weak areas

Guidance for knowing which exercises to do

Workouts you can fit into your day based on your needs

A look inside the program..

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1. Buy the Program

Purchase the program for a 1 hour virtual evaluation to identify weaknesses, goals, movement patterns, and lifestyle.

Crossfit Class

2. Perform the Exercises

Lisa will create the 6 week program on a custom app where she explains and demonstrates each exercise

Pilates Stretches

3. Prevent Injuries and Run With More Confidence

Build strength and mobility in muscles and joints that need it most for a bulletproof body

Dr. Lisa knows you are the kind of runner who wants to be strong and confident in your body. In order to be that way, you need to address the source of pain when injuries occur. The problem is not knowing which exercises to do and feeling overwhelmed, which is wasting time. We believe you deserve to run pain free. We understand what it's like to be an injured runner. That's why we are committed to creating programs that help runners return to running without pain, wasting less time and money. Heres how it work: 1. Purchase the program 2. Performs the exercises for the day assigned 3. Run more confident without pain or injury. Purchase the program below so you can stop living in pain and start enjoying movement again.


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What equipment is needed?

Lisa can make the program around the equipment you have available.

How long do I have access to the program?

For a full year since purchase date! You can perform the program throughout the  year and won't lose access until it has been 365 days.

Are there any refunds?

Unfortunately no. Once you have seen the program, I cannot refund your money.

Did you make all the videos?

Yes, the program has been researched, tested, re-tested by me and a sample group. I have made all the videos for the exercises and am at access to message on the app at all times!

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