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 Train Smarter and Improve Your Running Performance With The Complete Runners Club

Run faster and hit your running goals this year with an individualized training plan, running specific strength workouts, and by addressing your running form. 

To Get Results Like This: 

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If you've been trying to run faster and build more mileage without getting injured, you know it can feel like a juggling act trying to figure out exactly what to do. 


If you're like most runners before they start working with me, then you probably feel overwhelmed with where to start and wondering if your training plan is even the right one for you.

Well the reality is:

60% of running injuries are from training load errors: runners going out too hard, too fast, and too often.  Your training plan is meant to get you closer to your goals, not closer to an injury. 


And one way to address this is with a personalized training plan that includes running specific strength workouts, speed workouts that are targeting your specific running goals, and the exact paces you should be running at for each run, individualized to you...

Just like how it helped me achieve a goal I never thought was possible:​

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 9.18.26 AM.png

What's wrong with a free training plan?

Unfortunately most training plans don't take into consideration the intensity of the runs and only focus on mileage. This leaves runners exhausted after most of their runs without any improvement in performance.

Think about the majority of training plans- generic strength workouts, no specific paces to run at that are individual to you and your goals, and if you want to increase your speed or endurance, your only option is to run more instead of training smarter. 

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If you're trying to build speed and endurance, you need a structured running plan that fits your experience, weekly schedule, and goals, otherwise you will be at a higher risk for injury because the intensity of your runs is higher and you might be biting off more than you can chew.

While more mileage and more running can help, it doesn't always lead to improvement if you aren't training smart by balancing out the intensity of your runs and structuring your weekly schedule around your goals. And who do you ask if you questions or need help?

When you are given the exact runs you should be doing for your individual goals, have access to a run coach, and strength train with running specific workouts, you are able to improve your performance faster.

Plus your body won't be as fatigued after each run with more energy for the speed workouts, and less risk for injury. 

But most runners don't train this way and end up injured, exhausted, and frustrated.

So the question is, how are you expected to run faster with more endurance without a training plan that is designed for your goals?


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A membership for motivated runners that gives you the tools and resources you need to improve your running performance

Learn and Implement a 3 Step Plan to Improving Your Performance
Image by Alex McCarthy
Step 1: Get set up with a training plan or running plan
Choose from over 30 training plans and take an assessment to find the running plan that fits best with your level of experience and running goals. The training plan is then personalized week by week to fit your schedule.
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Step 2: Strength Train with Running Specific Workouts
Implement running specific exercises and movement patterns with the strength workouts located inside the membership. The training plans take out the guesswork and lay out exactly when to strength train.
Step 3: Consistently go through the structured week and ask your coach for help if needed
When you have the right training plan for you, it's important to consistently go through it. You are not alone in this! You can easily contact and message your running coach inside the app and with monthly Q and A calls for personalized feedback!


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Benefits of the Complete Runners Club vs.
Other Training Plans

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What's inside the Complete Runners Club?
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Part 1:

Training Plans

A variety of structured 80/20 training plans so you can run faster and improve your endurance with less injuries!


Start with an assessment so you can go through the right training plan for your goals.

Each 80/20 training plan is hand crafted and includes your specific paces for each run, depending on your goals.


This allows you to train smarter and therefore reach your goals faster with running workouts set up on your watch and ready to go. 

Inside Part 1, you'll get access to:

✅ Over 30 different training plans for a variety of experiences and distances

✅  Expert run coaching that is personalized to you right on the app

✅ 80/20 training plans that are carefully calculated to prioritize injury prevention 

✅ Specific paces individualized for each running workout, so there is no guesswork

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Part 2:

Strength Workouts

With running specific exercises so you can improve your joint health, run stronger, faster, and prevent injuries!


Start with a dynamic warm up, focusing on joint mobility in joints that are usually stiff in runners.

It then moves into stability exercises so you can learn to control the joint through it's range of motion AND prevent overuse injuries.

The next phase of the workout is the strength phase where you will strengthen your powerhouse muscles used in running.

Every workout ends with a finisher that works on improving your power output, which helps improve your speed.


Inside Part 2, you'll get access to:

✅ Running Specific Strength Workouts Each Week (45-50 Min Each Workout)

✅  3 Different Levels of strength workouts depending on your experience

✅ Video explanations for each exercise including modifications and progressions

✅ Follow along strength workouts for when you are short on time

✅ Printable PDFs for each workout 

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.07.24 PM.png

Part 3:

Mobility Routines

Improve your big toe, ankle, hip, low back, and mid back mobility with these post-run routines


Each week you will also receive 3 mobility routines that are specifically designed for common areas of stiffness in runners. You can choose to do them post run or post workout to improve your joint health and prevent compensations in your running form.


Inside Part 3, you'll get access to:

✅ Post run mobility routines that will improve your recovery

✅ Pre run warm up routines that prep your body for running specific movements

✅ Video explanations and follow along options for each exercise including modifications

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 10.17.12 AM.png

Part 4:


Join a community filled with runners who all share the same goal as you: to improve your running performance.


Inside the CRC, there is a community forum where you can ask questions and quickly receive expert advice.

Each month, you will have the option to jump on a live Q and A call with a running expert with personalized feedback.


Inside Part 4, you'll get access to:

✅ A community forum full of like minded runners

✅ 1 Live Q and A Call Each Month with Expert Advice

Take a look inside the training plan portion of the membership:

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.12.39 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.18.22 PM.png

Improve your running performance with the...

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 12.52.48 PM.png


Click here to save $47 by upgrading to the annual membership


The personalized running plan with the running specific strength workouts will completely transform your running, but thats ONLY the beginning. 

When you join, you also get 2 insanely useful bonuses to make you progress and see results even faster.

Starting with....

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.21.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 9.25.29 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 2.21.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 1.38.39 PM.png


When you join the Complete Runners Club, you get instant access to the training plans, strength workouts and community- videos and exercises that transform your running performance from a struggling runner into a thriving, effortless runner (Value: $897)
Screenshot 2024-02-26 at 1.48.06 PM.png
($1,255 to be exact)
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Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 11.00.57 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 12.56.02 PM.png

Enroll in the Complete Runners Club Today

Click here to save $47 by upgrading to the annual membership


Ready to improve your running performance by training smarter?

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Click here to save $47 by upgrading to the annual membership

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In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here's Some Frequently Asked Questions

What makes runners who have gone through this program and the testimonials I've seen, so successful?

The best thing you can do is execute the plan that you are going through. You *finally* have the right tools, now it's time to be consistent and ask questions if needed. 

Does the training plan include when you should strength train?

Yes, each week it will tell you the exact day you should do your strength workout. Plus, you can move your calendar around if things pop up making it very individualized to you.

How do I know what pace I should run during training?

The training plans give you the exact pace you should run for each day that is individualized to you. Once you connect the app to your watch, all you have to do is press start for each run taking the guesswork out of it.

How do I get access to the virtual running analysis?

Once you are inside the annual membership, click the community tab. This will walk you through how to record yourself and receive feedback. All feedback is virtual through the community forum module.

How long do I have access to the program?

This is a membership, so as long as you are inside it, you have access to everything! Please note it does bill once a month unless you choose the annual option.

I don't want to train for a race right now, are there still training plans for me?

Yes there are running plans for those looking to build endurance, speed, maintain fitness or run in zone 2 in additional to all the training plans for a variety of distances.

What can I expect once I am inside the membership?

Upon completing your enrollment, you will receive an email immediately and watch a video with your next steps. Your purchase includes INSTANT access to all the material inside the membership.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes you can. If you cancel, you will lose access to the membership and keep in mind the doors are not always open to enroll in this membership.

Can my coros, garmin or apple watch connect to the training plans?

Yes and there are instructions on how to connect each inside the membership.

What strength programs are inside the membership?

Inside the membership there is Foundations, Runners Complete, Runners Complete 2.0, Beginner Strength, and follow along strength and mobility classes.

If you still have questions, fill out the form and Dr. Lisa will email you back. 

Thanks for submitting!

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