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Rehab For Runners Podcast

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Dr. Lisa's Youtube Channel

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Shokz OpenFit Sale: March 4-March 10

Running Specific Rehab and Strength Programs for Pain Free Running

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Running specific rehab program that addresses shin splints, posterior tibialis tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, peroneal tendonitis, and common ankle sprains (Best Seller!).

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Running specific rehab program that addresses hip flexor pain, hip impingement, ITB Syndrome, lateral hip pain, piriformis syndrome, low back soreness and SIJ pain.

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Running specific rehab program that addresses pain around the knee cap, at the joint line, or below the knee cap.

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Running specific strength and mobility program with pre and post run mobility routines and full body workouts that includes stability, strength, and power exercises so you can run stronger and faster with less injuries.

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Toe Spacers: Use code DRLISA10

Legion Protein: Use code LISA for 20% off


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