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Rehab and Strength Programs To Help You Run Pain Free

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Rehab For Runners Podcast

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Dr. Lisa's Youtube Channel

Rehab and Strength Programs for Runners

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12 Week Foot and Ankle Rehab Program so you can return to run pain free.

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12 Week Hip Rehab Program so you can reduce your pain in your hips and low back.

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10 Week Runners Knee Rehab Program so you can get rid of pain around your knee cap for pain free running.

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 The Runners Complete Program is your all in one injury prevention program that focuses on runners strength, stability and mobility. 12 weeks to becoming a stronger, faster and more confident runner. 

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The Foundations Program is your reset button for building your strength and mobility from the ground up after rehabbing an injury. 30 Days to becoming a more stable runner who can build speed and mileage without pain. 


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