About Dr. Lisa

After training for my first half marathon over 3 years ago, I became injured and ended up not being able to race. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it became a blessing in disguise. After rehabbing myself, and incorporating a different style of strength training and mobility training, I was running faster, stronger and for longer periods of time. This is just the beginning.


I realized I can help other runners who are in the same position and just want to keep running without injuries or setbacks. 


Around the same time I started treating a more runners as a physical therapist working in a sports medicine clinic, realizing injured runners have a lot in common. Because of the repetitive pattern of movement, runners who are either injured or have been injured, lack a specific piece to their training program-addressing the asymmetries with dynamic unilateral movements and mobility training.


I am here to help runners across the globe run without pain, while feeling free and more confident. 


My Mission

Dr. Lisa will create a community that includes people of all running experiences because everybody deserves to run pain free without limitations and be a part of a friendly and helpful running community.