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We exist to help
determined runners feel
more confident + run pain free.

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Who is Dr. Lisa?

Meet Dr. Lisa, the founder of the Complete Runners Club. 

Dr. Lisa has been a physical therapist for 4 years and over the past 2 years has helped over 1,400 determined runners (just like you) return to run after an injury and continue to run feeling strong and confident through her high valued programs, all-in-one membership and 1 to 1 coaching.

Now it's your turn to achieve your running goals.

The question is: are you ready?

Over 1,400 Runners Coached and Counting..

"After dealing with plantar fasciitis for about 2 years, your Foot and Ankle Program has allowed me to run, walk and do daily activities without any pain in my left foot. I am SO thankful for this program"

Danielle P.

"I went from being unable to run to training for the Chicago Marathon is just a couple of months working with Dr. Lisa. Her custom program has allowed me to not only return to running pain free, but I feel stronger and am running faster than before I got injured. Everything feels so good and I am so excited to be back running."

Naomi S.

"I have been to multiple PTs for my knee pain and have had better results going through the Runners Knee Program. I love how it progresses you and I saw results within a couple weeks. 10/10 for the Runners Knee Program."

Jan M. 

Find the plan that fits your needs so you can meet your goals

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Complete Runners Club
Exceed your running goals with the all in one membership that includes injury treatment and prevention programs. 
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Work with Dr. Lisa
Get expert virtual coaching with Dr. Lisa for custom advice and a custom program that meets your individual needs.

Get In Touch
To work with Dr. Lisa or if you have questions about which program is best for you, send a message below and she will get back with you. 

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