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Run Stronger and Pain Free With Exercises Designed For Runners

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Healthy Runners Crash Course

Find the program that fits your goals so you can become the runner you want to be

I Want An Online Rehab Program...
Rehab and Injury Prevention Programs
Whether your goal is to get out of pain, return to run pain free, prevent injuries from coming up every time you increase mileage or run stronger, there is an online plan for you
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Complete Runners Online Membership
Exceed your running goals with the all in one membership that includes injury treatment and prevention programs. 
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Work with Dr. Lisa
Get expert virtual coaching with Dr. Lisa for custom advice and a custom program that meets your individual needs.
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Who is Dr. Lisa?

Meet Dr. Lisa, a Physical Therapist that helps runners prevent and treat injuries through movement based medicine.

Dr. Lisa has been a physical therapist for 4 years and over the past 3 years has helped over 2,000 determined runners (just like you) return to run after an injury and continue to run feeling strong and confident through her high valued programs, all-in-one membership and 1 to 1 coaching.

Now it's your turn to achieve your running goals.

The question is: are you ready?

Over 2,000 Runners Coached and Counting..

"After dealing with plantar fasciitis for about 2 years, your Foot and Ankle Program has allowed me to run, walk and do daily activities without any pain in my left foot. I am SO thankful for this program"

Danielle P.

"I went from being unable to run to training for the Chicago Marathon is just a couple of months working with Dr. Lisa. Her custom program has allowed me to not only return to running pain free, but I feel stronger and am running faster than before I got injured. Everything feels so good and I am so excited to be back running."

Naomi S.

"I have been to multiple PTs for my knee pain and have had better results going through the Runners Knee Program. I love how it progresses you and I saw results within a couple weeks. 10/10 for the Runners Knee Program."

Jan M. 

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To work with Dr. Lisa or if you have questions about which program is best for you, send a message below and she will get back with you. 

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